LEXORA Lugano 48" Wide x 36" Tall LED Mirror w/ Defogger


*Ships out to you within 1 to 3 business days*
Futuristic minimalism and eclectic functionality – that is the Lugano promise. This collection of premium LED mirrors is the nexus of innovative technology and art masquerading as engineering.Built with high standards, a Lugano mirror belongs in every discerning homeowner’s bathroom. 

Product Features

Within its slim profile lies a wonder of modern innovation that gives you a powerful defogger and conveniently positioned digital clock. Manage its versatile functionality with touchscreen controls literally at your fingertips.The captivating backlit LED is not just an aesthetic marvel, it has been designed to minimize glare while also achieving optimal power conservation. Now, you can get ready in style every morning.

- Backlit LED lighting
- Copper-free mirror
- Surface wall mount installation
- Mirror defogger
- Integrated digital clock
- All mounting hardware included
- Color Temperature: 6000-6500K
- 4725 Lumens
- Touch screen buttons
- Aluminum back panel

Product Dimensions

Mirror : 48" x 36" x 1.2"


UL approved

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