EAGO Modern Dual Flush One Piece Eco-Friendly High Efficiency Low Flush Ceramic Toilet

SKU: TB346

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We are very excited to offer you this top of the line brand of eco-friendly dual flush low consumption modern smart toilets. Join the latest fashion trend with EAGO's innovative line of green products.  Living the Green Life. This environmentally friendly toilet will save a family of four an average of 10,000 gallons of water per year!

Product Features:

This dual flush toilet features a 1.6 Gallon large flush button and a 1.1 Gallon small flush button. WaterSense Certified.
Powerful and efficient 3" flushing valve. Reduces the number of problems typically associated with older ball-chain-flapper systems.

Wide water surface. A large surface area keeps odors down and allows for easy cleaning.
Never be startled again by the loud crash of a slamming toilet seat. The soft drop seat has an innovative hinge system that will gently guide the toilet seat down without a sound.
Balanced water distribution. Designed to maintain the optimal balance between an increased diameter and proper exit velocity.

Large 2" fully glazed trap. Fully glazing the trap way ensures that waste flows smoothly to the exit with a single flush, each time.
Only One Flush. The Most Advanced Flushing System. Tested Flushing Power: 25 sponge stripes. 90 polypropylene balls.
Standard 12" rough in. Water supply line hose not included.

Product Dimension:

Toilet Seat Length (Toilets): 18.5
Toilet Seat Width (Toilets): 15


Slow / Soft Closing Toilet Seat & Lid included.
Big Jet Hole. This toilet also includes the wax ring for installation.

Other Details:

Color Finish:

Certified by Uniform Plumbing Code (cUPC)

5 year limited warranty on all porcelain parts against fading/staining of the glaze & 1 Year on all parts.

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