Alfi Brand

ALFI brand 20" x 14" White Matte Solid Surface Resin Sink


*Ships out to you within 1 to 3 business days*
Upgrade your bathroom with this sleek modern rectangle sink made of solid surface composite. It's coolest feature is that the drain is completely concealed. It's designed with a contemoprary flair in mind featuring it's sharp corner radius and edges.

Product Features:

This cool sink features a concealed drain which is covered by a plate made of the same material as the sink.
Drain cover plate can be easily removed by pressing one finger on the back side in order to open or close the drain.

Made of smooth resin composite material with a matte finish that feels like satin to the touch.
The durable surface of this sink makes it extremely resilient to scratches and stains. However if any imperfection occurs, it can easily be removed using extra fine sand paper.

Product Dimension:

Item Length: 20
Item Width: 13.5
Item Height: 4.75


Drain Included.

Other Details:

Color Finish:
polished chrome finish.

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