At LUXLLEY we are excited about your design. We recognize that your home is your canvas as well as your retreat, and we relish our part in materializing your vision of home. The neighbourhood you choose, the gardens you design, the furnishings and fixtures you select are all highly personal expressions of your interpretation of refined comfort and an elevated contemporary lifestyle. We are here to let you realize your design dreams with the best home elements on the market today.

We search the globe to bring our clients a curated range of product offerings and services. From solid wood or steel cabinets to chef-worthy ranges, we customize the realization of your home, based on a nuanced design vision, arrived at in close consultation with our clients.

We believe that by offering the highest quality products, crafted from natural elements such as stone and wood, that stand the test of time, come from the earth, and go back to the earth, we practice design that is accountable to the planet, as well as to our clients.

Our products are timeless investments that function seamlessly, to the highest industry standards, are beautiful and a pleasure to use, produce marquis results and will remain a part of your home for many years.



At LUXLLEY we bring together a dynamic range of products to create the precise kitchen of your visions, and we commit to offering the services, brands, quality, and expertise to make your kitchen vision a sumptuous reality.

The kitchen was once a room with a single purpose: the preparation of meals for a home’s occupants and guests, but the modern kitchen is much more, and ever-changing. It is fascinating to review the metamorphosis of this one room in the house over the last one hundred years. Kitchen technologies have dramatically evolved. The room’s physical, and social location in our homes and in relation to how we move through our daily lives has changed also.

Once a discretely tucked away workhorse at the back of our living spaces, today’s kitchen has moved to the front of the house! The kitchen is now the undisputed showcase for domestic style and innovation, and the true heart of home. Here we cook, taste, share, eat, and celebrate. The fully-serviced, multifunctional contemporary kitchen has also become our place to think, create, learn, engage and entertain.


John Kwame Baafi


Founder, John Kwame Baafi


With great appreciation and humility. I thank all our friends and supporters in the journey that is uniquely LUXLLEY.

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