What's Your Favorite 2020 Kitchen Style?

There’s a weird mixture of feelings when it comes to the time of choosing a new kitchen or remodeling the existing one. For some it’s a hassle of picking, choosing, rethinking, and deciding, and yet for some it’s just exciting. Kitchen space was a hidden place in the house just fifteen years ago, and today, it has a focal point and it’s one of the rooms that gathers people over a meal, dinner party, or an occasional friendly cocktail hour. Certainly, besides spending some serious hours in these spaces daily, another important factor of upgrading and remodeling a kitchen is increasing home value. As we spoke, open concept homes revolving around the kitchen that brings people together grab our attention nowadays and bring focus in terms of kitchen design and remodeling, and with the advanced technology, we came to the point when the modern kitchen becomes a trend. Still, modern kitchen, today, includes various styles.


This term had shown to be among the most popular during the past decade in any aspect of design. And looks like it won’t go out of style very soon. The minimalist design is mirrored in simplicity in colors and details. The most frequently used color is white with different shades of gray. One of the advantages of using white is the fact it makes space’s appearance bigger. Cabinets in minimalist kitchens are constructed to be more concealed and store more items, occupying less of the open space. Lighting in these spaces is usually discrete, included mostly under cabinets, bringing a bit of warmth and illumination.

Colorful Kitchens

The interest in strong but tasteful colors in the kitchen is rising in 2020. The key point to the creation of an astonishing colored kitchen is to pick a brave not of a single color which will be the focal point of the space and playing with its shades. According to the research from Houzz, searches for green and yellow kitchens have increased by 50% in 2019. Some of the vibrant colors frequently used in modern kitchen designs are forest greens, some soft shades of gray, as well as dusky notes of pink and orange which provide a more contemporary look.

Contrast or Two-Toned

Mixing tones and finishes presents the ideal way to make your kitchen’s statement strong and have it stand out from the cliché. An interesting feature of this design is that it’s being applied to less-visible parts of the kitchen, such as drawers, over-the-workspace tiles, chairs, or just smaller parts of your cabinetry. Designers suggest opting for darker, deep colors that would be mixed with brighter tones which adds a perfect contrast to your kitchen space. One of the colors mostly implemented into this design is orange, used as a brighter tone, which is, also a color mostly used as a distracting focal point in industrial design.

Decorative Kitchens

Some would say that this design is making a comeback. However, we’d like to name it an upgraded classic. This design presents the artwork in a mixture of traditional, rustic, and modern (yes, it doesn’t seem logical but somehow it is). When referring to “decorative”, in 2020 the absolute top decoration would be two things: workspace and faucet. Searches for porcelain and marble workspaces rises rapidly. The point of this design is to mix colored cabinetry with some pale tones of white, soft pink or rose, or royal blue with mosaic, marble, terrazzo, porcelain, or in some cases even concrete for a workspace.

Statement Kitchens

This section would not specifically be called a design, but more of an approach. Creating a statement kitchen is mirrored in a clean and neat space, with no vibrant, but soft and classy colors and finishes such as beige, white, soft gray, or pale yellow. The key to providing your kitchen with a statement is to find its focal point which would be the first, if not the only item drawing attention. In 2020, fancy faucets are the most used focal item for a statement kitchen. In these kitchens, the most commonly implemented taps are larger in gold, rose gold, or in some cases silver.

We’d love to hear from you on this topic. Feel free to send us some images and ideas you’re planning to, or have already implemented in your new kitchen and, of course, enjoy everlasting moments in style with LUXLLEY.