Trendy and Stylish Colors for Your Bathroom

Using color for any room almost always comes as a huge hassle to homeowners. Not knowing what works best with a certain style of furniture and other elements, many are even afraid to commit to a color for their walls, especially the bathroom. Some people struggle with picking the right shade. A very important point with colors is that sometimes they don't translate exactly the same to walls. We’ve done our research, and here are some ideal solutions for using color for your bathroom.

White bathrooms are pretty chic nowadays, yet, we don’t want our bathroom to turn cold, stark, and austere. Still, with the usage of rich materials and textures, white bathrooms may give a sublime feel. This is the color of beauty and cleanliness. Therefore, it’s somehow perfect for decorating your bath. Helpful can be to add vintage elements into space such as faucets, sinks, or a vintage bathtub. If you seek a more minimalistic sense, you can play with some wood-clad walls, wooden cabinetry, and wooden-like tiles, with fewer accessories and details. Placing larger non-framed mirrors and interesting lighting can also dispose of monotony, enlarge the space visually, and add a note of luxury.

Gray comes modern, yet, kind of timeless when used for a remodel of a magnificent bathroom. Gray only needs to be cleverly used, and it surely won’t cause any monotonous feel. For instance, we don’t want our bath to look cold or gloomy, therefore, the usage of some warmer shades of tiles and various textures for walls and tiles will turn the whole space into neutral and pleasant. Cool gray shades mix well with different white notes for wall decoration. Of course, it’s advised to keep it simple on accessories when it comes to colors, so some neutral metallic faucets and white sinks or tubs would fit perfectly to a gray background.

Black is an industrial color, and therefore, quite dominant. It’s essential to pick the right shade to be sure other colors and small spaces won’t be eaten. If black is used for the bathroom, the most convenient would be to paint the far smaller walls black so we would be able to get the impression of a larger space. On the other hand, if we prefer to use black it’s important to circulate light wisely to lighten up space, as well as using bigger mirrors.

There are many variations and quite a space for experimenting when it comes to using red for your bathroom. This is one of the most interesting plays of shades in bathroom decoration. Red is the most flattering color to any skin tone, so you will have a chance to see many bathrooms in restaurants painted red. Red bathrooms can come interestingly in red tiles or red mosaic variants. Otherwise, if you are a fan of red, yet you don’t want to completely cover your bathroom in it, what you can do is throw a few red accents in it. A nice set of red wallpapers would also be a great way to go.

Blue is a color with many hues, and surely, provides relief from a stressful life. This color is a perfect choice for your bathroom giving you a chance to relax and calm. Whether you wish for a nice and pastel baby blue, or stronger navy and royal, blue is certain to enhance your environment while relaxing and bring some Mediterranean feeling. Pairing blue with various shades of white or gray will give you a cool, contemporary look.