There's More to a Kitchen Faucet / Black Friday Clear Out!

We interact with many things in our kitchen, but among all of them, faucets seem to be the most frequently used. Innovative technology brought certain developments, which made faucets much more functional, yet stylish, to serve not just as a fixture but as a part of your interior design. If you're about to make some changes or renovate your kitchen, a new faucet could be a defining statement and something that would draw attention to your kitchen. Take a look at some of the styles of faucets you can consider:



This faucet style is perfect and quite handy for those who like to put some serious work into cooking and food preparation. It saves you from washing greasy levers after use, and provides a hands-free solution to messy hands. Additionally, if the faucet is placed too high for your kids to reach, this is a great solution to the problem. So with just a touch of your wrist, you can control the water to turn on or off, and keep your faucet clean from dirt and grease. 



Pull-Down and Pull-Out


These are more traditional faucets which have been on the market for a longer time. Cooking enthusiasts all have various styles, and therefore different needs. This is where the pull-down and pull-out faucets step in. Pull-down faucets have a high arc to provide the most clearance for bulky cookware like large pasta pots. Pull-out faucets have a mid arc height clearance  to fill containers while taking up less vertical space.



Carbonation and filtration


These faucets come with internal waterways that alternate between filtered and unfiltered water. Providing perfectly clear water, these faucets will save you from adding filter pitchers to your fridge or to purchase piles of plastic bottles. To be perfectly clear, as much as it sounds like a fairytale - now you can have filtered carbonated water on tap with these faucets.




As homeowners prefer different designs, cooking styles or colors, their preferences vary in faucets, so today's market offers numerous finishes, from stainless steel to rose gold, matte black and more. Also, there is another great, newly introduced trend in faucets colors which consists of a range of brightly hued hoses.



Some faucets finishes are produced with a technology that helps to cut down on the germs that are difficult to see during the cleaning process. This innovation is secured by Microban®. Microban® has developed a technology that helps reduce the growth of odors and germs and it's been implemented into many commercial and consumer products. 





Black Friday

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