Renovate Your Fall Season for Labor Day Weekend

Saying goodbye to summer opens a new door to the lovely and idyllic season of warm tea, cozy couches and movie nights next to the fireplace. 

The ultimate long weekend in front of us, besides packing up our whites, gives us an opportunity to design a slightly different daily routine at home, and indulge in enjoyment of staying indoor due to the upcoming season change. During Labor Day weekend, all of us take a moment to wonder, think, and plan. It’s in our human nature to adapt to a change, and therefore, it’s natural for us to make some changes of our own.

So, whether you’ll be attending your neighbors Labor Day dinner party, take a small road trip, enjoy the last sunny days by the pool or on the beach, feel free to take some of your time to redesign your life and float into the ultimate fall/winter hedonism  in the next few months.

New Season – New Vision. Labor Day weekend is a great time to commit to remodeling your space. Since we will be spending more time indoors during upcoming period, it’s a great idea to tackle some simple home improvement projects to enhance the pleasure and luxury you’re surrounded by.

Think – pillows! As sleeping is much more comfortable and enjoyable during the fall/winter months, make these precious moments in the early morning or before falling asleep, ensure your body is fully relaxed and your mind rested. Throw as many pillows as you can on your bed and couches. They will, certainly make you cuddle, and spend more time lying down resting.

Winter is an absolute coffee and tea time. Whether your morning wake up coffee, a nice cup of Earl Grey in the afternoon, or even an evening tea with friends or your family, it would be nice to upgrade your cups collection. Coffee time can be more then just an inner pleasure right?

Cooking can be a pleasure. Let your inner chef become an artist. Use these warm nights indoor to prepare some tasty delicacies or try out a recipe you’ve been waiting a long time to try. If you feel like it – you can make small kitchen improvements to enhance your time spent in the kitchen. In our previous blog post, many useful, yet, hassle-free ideas, as well as a wide selection of kitchen faucets and sinks can be found.

The ultimate pleasure – a nice bubble bath. There’s no person spending their winter or fall at home who doesn’t like or take time to enjoy a bubble bath. Your most hedonistic and intimate moments must be flawless. Grab your favorite wine, light up some candles, put on the sounds that free your mind, let your soul rest and find inner peace. As we’ve always liked to make your life more enjoyable and luxurious, we’ve provided a selection of high-end bath tubs, as well as a special up to 15% off sitewide for Labor Day weekend.

We wish you a lovely weekend. Say your goodbye to summer the way you will enjoy, and feel free to send us some pictures of your Labor Day celebration.